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Reiki and Sound Bath Meditation


An alternative holistic medicine modality and therapy that uses energy to assist healing in whatever way you may need.

Beginning in Japan in 1922, Reiki is now wide spread across the world. 

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60 min Sound bath + Reiki $75 - $125


Sound Bath Meditation

Sound Bath Meditation or Sound Therapy is also known as vibrational healing. It is the use of different instruments and the voice to to stimulate brain waves responsible for relaxation. When we are in our most relaxed state, we are most conducive for healing to take place.

60 min Sound bath + Reiki $75 - $125


Sound Bath Meditation 
Group Classes

In theses classes we will explore our own voice. From movement and chanting to imagery and breath, let's journey together and practice finding balance within. Each session will end with an immersion in a healing Sound Bath.

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